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Divine Mercy Hospice
An Interfaith Hospice

2364 HY-287 N.  Suite 117  Mansfield, Texas 76063


About Us

Divine Mercy Hospice was founded in 2007 by Dr. Mary Snellings, a house call physician who serves the elderly and disabled in the Dallas-Fort.Worth community.

The idea for developing Divine Mercy Hospice began as a desire to provide a continuity of compassionate care to patients as they approach the end of life’s journey.

We are operated by individuals who are members of the interdisciplinary team. In this way, the business decision makers are always connected to the needs of our patients and their loved ones.

Divine Mercy Hospice provides customized hospice care to patients living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who have a life expectancy of six (6) months or less, as determined by their physician.

However, the most favorable time to enter hospice care is months before death. This gives our hospice care team ample time to get to know the patients and their individual needs.

Dr. Mary Snellings

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